autumn gatherings

Autumn beckons cozy gatherings by the fire, indulgent meals that spark the most wonderful feelings of nostalgia, and the art of truly taking in your surroundings while bundled to the brim. Everything tends to slow down in the best possible way, and the act of gathering is taken to an entirely new, comfy level. So it goes without saying we love to entertain during this particularly fabulous season. Our measurement of success? When, at the end of the night, the meal and the conversation both feel like warm hugs. That's when you really know you've successfully executed the perfect autumn evening. 

photo by Jennifer Johnson

autumn gatherings

Here are a few things that never fail to make any night feel special: 

We'd love to hear your favorite aspects of autumn entertaining. Favorite recipes? Activities? We're cozied up with our comfiest throw blanket and are all ears. 

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”We ate well and cheaply and drank well and cheaply and slept well and warm together and we loved each other” - Ernest Hemingway

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