meet the maker: Heather Lins Home

interview by Mackenzie Wise

 Heather Lins Home

Heather Lins started her company back in 2008 originally focusing on home textiles, but after the birth of her twins she sought out products that were easier to produce. Her background in graphic design led her to create her calendar kits, a series of paper calendars with a DIY twist. Each kit is designed with a cross-stitching pattern, with themes such as constellations, fruits of the month, and old-fashioned sampler patterns. The poke-and-stitch calendars, both beautiful and useful, are a great gift for any age or occasion. 

What inspired you to create a DIY calendar kit? Was there a specific reason why you chose embroidery and cross-stitching to be part of it? 
I actually started with a constellation-based calendar kit inspired by the phrase "stitch the stars." From there, typography was a wonderful subject for a calendar and cross-stitch was a natural fit. 

Did any family traditions or history influence your kits? 
I come from a family of sewers and make-doers.

How do you come up with the themes for your kits? 
First, I have to think of an idea that will work over 12 months. Then, I think about its stitchability and how it works with my overall product line.

Your calendar kits seem like the perfect present for the holidays, whether you’re treating yourself or buying for someone else. What do you think it is about crafts or homemade gifts that resonate with people? 
What I like about craft kits is that, though you are handing a person a box, you're really giving them an experience—the experience of making something with their hands. I have been very moved by the number of women who have introduced their kids or grandkids to embroidery through my kits. 

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