meet the maker: quin candy

words by Georgia Sparling

quin candy

From her small shop in downtown Portland, Oregon, Jami Curl of QUIN creates a staggering variety of gourmet sweets that are deliciously unfussy.

Curl, a professional chef, began making her artisanal candies while operating her own bakery. After eight years of 3 a.m. mornings, Curl was ready for a change, and she’d always had a soft (or should I say sweet) spot for lollipops, gummies, and other candies. So, in 2013, she decided to step away from the oven and opened her own candy shop.

The baker-turned-candymaker chose the name QUIN, a type of sprinkle, because “It's a word I've always loved because it's short and one syllable, but also (to me) kind of screams ‘let's party!’”

Curl’s candies impart her super serious love of making very fun confections. QUIN’s sweets are made of simple, unprocessed, natural ingredients that often come from Oregon. The Twizzlie Chews, for example, are a delicious combination of Swiss chocolate and coffee roasted in Oregon. There are jewel-toned gumdrops and pinot gris lollipops, perfect for those days when you're ready for it to be 5 o’clock already. Many of QUIN’s flavors have a comforting nostalgia to them as well.

Such candies may seem to be geared towards adults, but they don’t lose any of the playfulness that makes candy so much fun to eat. Without a doubt, little hands will reach for these as often as grown-ups. You might just want to put the candy bowl on a high shelf.

QUIN candies are available online and at a number of stores across the U.S.

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