meet the maker: Heather Hobler

words by Karen J. Covey | photos by Heather Hobler


As a personal chef, I often get to work with some really amazing people doing what I love most—entertaining. While I most often cook in private homes, I recently had the pleasure of working with artist Heather Hobler on a dinner series for her gallery exhibit, where lines meet. Every Saturday evening during her exhibit, an intimate group gathered together for a locally-inspired meal at the DeDee Shattuck Gallery in Westport, MA, surrounded by Heather’s new series of work.

where lines meet is an installation of medium-format film photographs taken from the same spot overlooking Buzzards Bay, the view from Heather’s home. Keeping her tripod in the same location, she shoots images during various times of the day, capturing the ever-changing view in front of her. 

The project began simply as snapshots meant to record time, but quickly built into a reflective rhythmic ritual of getting back to life and art after the artists’ battle with cancer. Beyond the beauty of each photograph, the most captivating thing about each one is in the details—from the pattern of the water and skies to the rising and falling tides. Each landscape reveals itself in its own dramatic way, based on the time of day, the tides, and the weather. Each photograph tells a different story, and beckons you to study the simple details within each.

There is a meditative quality to Heather’s work, one that mimics her own mediation and yoga teaching practice. It’s the simplicity of the work that actually makes it so complex and interesting. It’s a study of details and the ever-changing environment around us. After spending some time with Heather’s exhibit, I now find myself studying my own water view with more open eyes, and taking a bit longer than usual to study and appreciate the details in front of me.

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