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movie night

The holidays are a perfect time to curl up with the family for a fun movie night at home. While popcorn is one of our all-time favorite movie snacks, we’re also sharing a few of our new favorites. Plus, of course, our team’s list of favorite holiday classics to watch while munching.

serious cheesy puffs. If you’ve ever been a fan of cheese puffs, be prepared to ditch the old standby for  Fuller Foods cheesy puffs. Made with corn from Bob’s Red Mill, these absurdly large puffs (yes, that’s how they refer to them and it’s true!) are baked not fried, are light and airy, and packed with flavor. They come in three varieties and after one taste, you’ll probably be hooked too. 

Heidi’s salsa. Chips and salsa are always a hit no matter the season and we’re loving this all all-natural, non-GMO salsa from southern California. Made from hatch green chiles and fresh vegetables, this salsa is based off an old family recipe and is sure to please. 

Good Health Sweet Potato Chips. Crunchy chips sprinkled with sea salt and cooked kettle style, we love this gluten-free, organic, non-GMO alternative. 

Righteous Felon Jerky. We can’t say enough enough this jerky and find ourselves craving it for snacking. This jerky is the real deal and while we love all their flavors, we’re partial to anything with a good smoky kick to it like the O.G. Hickory and Victorious B.I.G. 

Skinny Pop Popcorn. While we prefer to make our own organic popcorn at home, sometimes quicker is (even) easier. 

Our top 10 holiday favorites:

  1. A Charlie Brown Christmas

  2. A Christmas Story

  3. Die Hard

  4. Elf

  5. Home Alone

  6. It's a Wonderful Life

  7. Love Actually

  8. National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

  9. Scrooged

  10. The Nightmare Before Christmas

For more food and drink ideas for your own movie night, along with instructions for making a movie screen at home, be sure to grab a copy of our winter ’17 issue.

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