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the 8 most luxurious bungalows in the world

words by Emily Weber | photo courtesy of COMO Resorts

If you’re in need of a winter break or simply in need a few minutes to transport yourself to the Caribbean, we’ve got you covered. These are some of the most coveted accommodations in the world, and deservedly so, with their plunge pools, private terraces, and all-inclusive amenities. These overwater bungalows embody total relaxation and lavish luxury, and definitely leave us ready to book a ticket on the next flight.

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The 5 best boardwalks In the U.S.

The first boardwalk in the country was built in 1870 in Atlantic City, New Jersey as a solution for keeping sand out of the ritzy resort hotels and the Camden & Atlantic’s railroad cars. What once was a practical solution for sand management has become an iconic summer vacation destination with fun for the whole family. To this day, nothing says summer in the U.S.A. like strolling along a boardwalk and eating a funnel cake, just feet from luscious sand and the enchanting ocean surf. Here is our roundup of the five best boardwalks to visit this year. 

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