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meet the maker: Your Super

photos by Jennifer Johnson | When we find a product that we can’t stop raving about, we have to share it with you! Your Super is one of those products. You know it’s great when you walk into a friends house to tell them about it and they physically hand it to you instead. This has been happening to us since the day we discovered this product, and we couldn’t wait to tell you about it too.

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meet the maker: ILA

words by Emily Weber | photo by Karen Mordechai

Salt is one of the most crucial elements in cooking, bringing out the full flavor in a dish. Today, there are dozens of varieties of salt available, some of which offer their own signature flavors, colors, and textures. Today we’re talking with Karen Mordechai of Sunday Suppers, one of our favorite cookbooks and lifestyle brands about the inspiration behind her brand, including ILA, her high quality line of pantry staples. Be sure to check out her salt-inspired menu in our new summer issue!

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meet the maker: Bow Hill Blueberries

words by Rebecca Treon | photo by Jennifer Johnson | We’re celebrating National Blueberry Month all month long with a new blueberry recipe every Thursday using the products from Bow Hill Blueberries, a small family-run business in Washington State. To learn more about them, head over to the blog today. You can grab the recipe for these smoothies there as well as find a discount code to sample their products for yourself.

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meet the maker: Sea to Table

words by Mackenzie Wise | photo by Jennifer Johnson | The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) estimates that the United States imports more than ninety percent of its seafood. A significant amount of it is caught by American fishermen, exported overseas for processing, and imported back to the States for consumption. If it seems crazy and inefficient, that’s because it is. Here’s how one company is hoping to disrupt the seafood supply chain.

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