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words by Caylin Harris | photo by Brian Samuels


Packed for a picnic or poured while you’re sitting al fresco at your favorite brunch spot, there might be no better way to greet the season than with a glass of rosé. Its iconic pale pink hue and its light, refreshing taste make it a warm weather staple—but this wine has humble beginnings. Originally only vineyard workers drank rosé and it only somewhat recently experienced a surge in popularity thanks in large part to Instagram. We spoke with Hadley and T.J. Douglas, owners of the Urban Grape in Boston, Massachusetts about what bottles you should be picking up ASAP. 

“We’re seeing people have a ton of fun with rosé. It’s a reasonably priced wine, a bottle usually costs anywhere from $12-$27 and you want to drink it young and fresh. Which means you’ll want to be drinking the current vintage for the most part,” says Hadley. “Remember with rosé that pink doesn’t equal sweet!”

2017 Aix Rosé (Provence, France) 
A classic Provençal style, this is a light, pink rosé that’s our number one seller. It’s very high acid, and is nice and bright. It has the mouth feel of Pinot Grigio but with a strawberry flavor. Incredibly versatile, you can pair it with both heavy (grilled short ribs) and light (tuna tartare) meals and it won’t overpower the food. It’s a great party wine too!

2017 Daniel Crochet Sancerre Rosé (Loire Valley, France) 
Another French wine, but a totally different style entirely. A little fancier, this is a more serious rosé with brighter acid and a more mineral driven flavor. Sancerre rosés are our favorite because they’re the best food pairing rosés thanks to the acid and minerality. Try this one with a salmon salad with lemon vinaigrette.

2017 Ulacia Rosé (Txakoli, Spain) 
This Spanish rosé is a darker rosé color, but body-wise is one of the lightest. It’s like a cranberry and raspberry lemonade (sans sugar) with a little bit of spritz thanks to the natural carbon dioxide that gets trapped in the bottle. Zingy with a great acidity, eating salty foods paired with this wine will really make it sing. This rosé has an amazing mouth taste too.

2017 Wolffer Estate "Summer in a Bottle" Rosé (Long Island, NY) 
Unique and out of the box, this is an American rosé that’s made on Long Island. With a combination of both red and white gapes, its palate is rounder and super aromatic. This wine has a real presence and is very artistic. If you can, you should get down to the vineyard and check it out.

2017 Long Meadow Ranch Rosé (Anderson Valley, CA) 
This is a beautiful bottle, but in an understated way. It has a juicier, but not sweet taste, with strawberry and cherry flavors. It’s rounder in the mouth with a beautiful acid in the back. This bottle is a little better closer to room temp. It pairs well with charcutterie and would be perfect to pack for a picnic.

2017 La Spinetta Rosé di Casanova (Tuscany, IT) 
This is our favorite rosé and you can find it pretty much anywhere. We’ll probably sell a hundred cases this summer. A wine lovers rosé, it drinks like a white Sancerre with lighter, red fruits. It’s palate and food-friendly too. We bring this home by the case and it’s what’s always in our fridge. We haven’t met anyone who hasn’t fallen in love with this wine.

2017 G.D. Vajra "Rosabella" Rosato (Piedmont, IT) 
This wine is just plain delightful and has a gorgeous bottle. With its brighter red color, cherry notes, and great acidity, it’s wonderful on its own or paired with grilled or roasted meats. This bottle can be a little harder to find but a good wine shop or restaurant should have it. 

2017 Bodini Malbec (Mendoza, Argentina) 
This rosé is very unique, most people don't think of South America when they think of rosé. But this wine has every single characteristic you want in a rosé. It features organic Malbec grapes that are hand-harvested, and the rosé isn’t bled off the top of a red wine. It tastes great at room temperature and right out of the bottle. Pair it with steak, empanadas, or barbeque chicken—it goes really well with their deep smoky food flavors. It’s a casual, backyard barbeque type of wine, in fact it would taste great in a Solo cup with an ice cube, but it’s still a real quality good wine.” 


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