gifts under $20

gifts under $20

THIS NIGHT socks. Inspired by Japanese textiles, these Amercian-made socks not only keep your feet toasty but come in a beautiful selection of designs. Available for men and women.

Hawk and Hatchet candles. We fell in love with their stylish packaging but it was their Christmas Lodge and Christmas Eve scents that got us hooked.

Opinel oyster knife. A solid stainless steel oyster knife with the added bonus of being foldable. Perfect for coastal cottage drawers or out on the boat.

coffee/pint sleeves. We love this stylish (and functional) way to use blanket remnants from Faribault Mill.

the wash. The combination of blood orange, lemon, and lavender is exactly what our winter bodies will need all season long with this all-in-one wash from Brothers Artisan Oil. We love this fragrance but it comes in others as well, including unscented. Perfect for winter travel.

citrus rosemary syrup. With all the great craft syrups, shrubs, and mixtures on the market these days, it’s fun to give something a bit unexpected for the holidays to enjoy all winter long. This syrup from Raft Botanicals has no preservatives, artificial flavors or colors, or corn syrup, and is the perfect base for soda water, vodka, or champagne.

beet tarragon shrub. We’re also incredibly obsessed with the Kansas City Canning Co.’s shrubs and this one is the perfect anecdote for your winter cocktail needs. Buy one to gift but definitely get one for yourself too. Enjoy this one with rye whiskey and some citrus (the recipe is on the bottle) and you’ll be very happy.

wooden ornaments. These custom ornaments from Indigo Tangerine are a perfect way to commemorate a special year, a wedding, or even give as a teacher gift. Made from aspen wood for a sweet, rustic gift.

walnut vases. Add a simple natural element to a room or desk and make a statement. These vases some in 7 different shapes and will add a touch of warmth wherever they rest.

family time conversation starters. We’re giving you a few of our favorite recipes for family dinners in our winter ’17 issue and we love the idea of continuing the family fun with this card set. Contains 50 cards for easy family fun.

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