our 5 favorite (health-ier) candies for Halloween

Halloween Unreal milk chocolate gems

Let’s face it, it’s Halloween, and most of want to indulge a little with all of that candy hanging around. But we don’t necessarily want to feel bad about eating it. Luckily more and more companies are out there making better options to fill our Halloween candy bowls. Here are our 5 favorites for Halloween, or anytime:

Unreal: As their name states, it is, and we’re full-on obsessed with this candy company. We love everything, especially the milk chocolate gems and dark chocolate crispy peanut butter cups. You’ll likely never go back to the traditional varieties again.

Wholesome: They’ve got sour worms, gummy bears, organic lollipops, and spooky spiders just to name a few better, yet still delicious, wholesome treats for your gang to give. 

Quin: Fruit lollipops. Because everyone loves a good lollipop. Halloween or not.

Cocomels: A full range of coconut milk caramels. Sea salt chocolate covered in our favorite. 

Justin’s: We love Justin’s almond butter and peanut butter cups but their mini dark and milk chocolate peanut butter cups for perfect for Halloween handouts (or more modest snacking anytime).

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