meet the maker: Cherryvale Farms

words by Karen J. Covey | photo by Jennifer Johnson

Cherryvale Farms Pumpkin Bread

It’s not very often that we choose to make something from a box over making it from from scratch, but let’s face it, sometimes time is short and you need a little help. Plus, when you find a product worthy of taking the shortcut, you take it. 

We fell in love with Cherryvale Farms banana bread and now as the holidays (and everything pumpkin) are here, we’re also loving their pumpkin bread too. 

I’ve been making my mom’s pumpkin bread recipe for decades so anything from a box has some pretty high standards to beat, but I can honestly say that this bread is worthy of a permanent place in the pantry. It’s quick to make (5 minutes from box to oven), bakes up beautifully, and is super moist.

Cherryvale Farms is definitely a brand to try. Not only do the mixes taste great but they are 100% plant-based, and are made with real ingredients including organic, unrefined cane sugar and unbleached wheat flour. They are also soy, egg, and dairy-free, making them a perfect gift to bring with you for the holidays. 

Wrap your loaf in parchment paper and tie it with twine, or even use a pretty tea towel and ribbon as an added gift. No matter where you choose to bring it this holiday, your family and friends will love it. And we promise, we won’t tell a soul you didn’t make this bread from scratch. 

You can find Cherryvale Farms online, or in better markets across the country.

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