summer-proof your beauty routine

words by Caylin Harris  | photo by Alena Ozerova

summer beauty routine

Hot, humid weather is a coastal staple. So we like to make the best of it—beating the heat by heading to the beach, spending the day sailing, and dining outside on the deck. But unfortunately high temps don’t do anything good for our beauty routines. While you can’t stop sticky days, you can prevent your make-up from running and smudging using these smart tips from beauty expert and writer for O, Real Simple, and Health magazine, Melanie Rud Chadwick. 

“Summer is really a time to keep it simple because the more layers you’re putting on your face, the more likely it is that they’ll start to come off,” says Rud Chadwick. “This is the season to embrace to embrace multitasking products and the no-make-up, make-up look. Try to keep it easy and fuss free.” 

The first thing to keep in mind is that your skin will change with the season. Even people with normal or dry skin are going to be oilier and sweatier in the summer months. So the products you might be using in the summer may be a little different than what you’re used to. Here are the types of make-up that will change your summer beauty routine:

For your face: Instead of using foundation and concealer, try making the switch to a tinted moisturizer with SPF, a BB (beauty balm) cream, or a tinted primer. “These products help you get your skincare and complexion correcting product in one. You’ll want to switch to a matte or velvet formula in the summer. If your skin is oily, get a mattifying formula,” says Rud Chadwick. “Tinted primer helps everything stick better too. It can tone correct depending on the formula you use. Green helps with redness, purple works to correct sallow tones.” If you absolutely can’t quit your foundation, just focus on your problem areas. Spot treat with your foundation instead of over applying. 

For cheeks: If you use a liquid blush, you might want to switch to powder. It will stay on longer and work to absorb moisture. “The real summer multitasker is a cheek tint. Not only does it stay in place, it gives you that natural flush and it can also be used on your lips too,” says Rud Chadwick. 

For eyes: While it might seem like a no brainer to swipe on some waterproof mascara, she cautions against regular wear. Waterproof mascara can be really harsh on your lashes. If you do need to use it, be really gentle and remove it using makeup remover. “If you need that extra protection, try a water resistant or transfer resistant formula, they’re gentler than a waterproof formula,” says Rud Chadwick. “Or you can use your regular formula but apply it to just your top lashes, the mascara on your bottom lashes is what can easily break down and cause raccoon eyes. If you’re really active and in the water all summer, you could always get your lashes tinted or lash extensions to avoid mascara all together.” 

For lips: Like she advised, a combination lip and cheek tint will work hard for you all summer because it’s longer lasting. It will give you that I-just-ate-a-berry-popsicle look. Be wary about wearing lip-gloss. The reflective shine can attract the sun and you can get sunburn on your lips. It’s like applying baby oil to your skin. It will attract more sun and that’s the last thing you want to do. A balm with SPF will work to keep your lips protected and hydrated too. 

One of Rud Chadwick’s favorite summer extras? A powder sunscreen. While it won’t replace a traditional sunscreen for your face, it’s great for reapplication throughout the day. It comes in easy-to-apply brush tubes and helps to mattify oil while still offering sun protection. 

So even if you’re sweating it out this summer, you’ll look great doing it! 

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