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chocolate party!

photo by Jennifer Johnson | This year we’re opting to celebrate this lovely holiday with our close friends, eating and enjoying everything chocolate. Our recipes put this favorite sweet treat center stage, with truffles, double chocolately cookies, and a decadent tart that’s sure to leave you swooning. A sweet cocktail and some good bubbly are the finishing touches for an easy, make-ahead gathering to share with friends.

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blood orange granita

If you’re looking for a light and refreshing dessert for Valentine’s Day (or anytime), making a granita is an easy as it gets. You can use any flavor juice you like, just be sure it freshly squeezed, or a high quality bottled juice. Every juice will taste different and vary in sweetness so taste your juice first before you begin to know how sweet it is. For something with a red tint, try blood orange juice.

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