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5 dog-friendly vacation spots to visit this summer

words by Caylin Harris | photo by Jennifer Johnson

When you’re planning a family getaway shouldn’t that include the whole family? And yes, your four-legged friends absolutely count as family members. Unfortunately, not every destination is as pet-friendly, but don’t be discouraged. While it might not be feasible to fly your pup to Europe, if you’re road tripping to any of these cities this summer your dog will have just as much fun as you will. Here are a few pet-friendly cities worth the trip.

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5 iconic beach hotels to add to your bucket list

words by Caylin Harris | photo courtesy of Castle Hill Inn

Looking for an even better beach vacation? These gorgeous hotels and resorts not only have all the amenities you could ever want, but also sit on the shores of some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. Here are a few of our favorites that you’ll want to add to your vacation bucket list pronto.

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