oysters with pickled ginger

Sushi meets oysters in one perfect little bite.

2 tablespoons sesame seeds
Kosher salt (or crushed ice), for serving
12 freshly shucked oysters, for serving
Soy sauce, for drizzling
Pickled ginger, for garnish
2 scallions, white and light green parts, finely minced

  1. Place sesame seeds in a dry sauté pan and lightly toast over low heat. Stir seeds as they toast, and watch carefully as to not let them burn. When you start to just smell them, they should be done. Set aside.
  2. Pour kosher salt (or crushed ice) onto a serving platter, mounding up a bit so oysters can sit on top (this helps secure them and prevent them from tipping over). Arrange oysters on top. Drizzle each with a small amount of soy sauce. Top each with a piece or two of pickled ginger, some scallions, and garnish with toasted sesame seeds. Serve immediately.

Makes 12 oysters.