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SUMMER 2016 wholesale

sold out

SUMMER 2016 wholesale

from 60.00

Suggested retail price: $20/issue.

Our summer issue is expected to ship mid-June!

In addition to our favorite seasonal recipes, this issue also includes:

  • we all scream for it…ice cream!
  • how to host a clambake
  • summer corn recipes
  • CUBA
  • the dying art of fish cutting

And much, much more! The Coastal Table is printed in Canada by Hemlock Printers, a leader in sustainable printing.

Box of 5: $60.00 USD (plus shipping)
Box of 10: $110.00 USD (plus shipping)
Box of 15: $150.00USD (plus shipping)
Box of 20: $200.00 USD (plus shipping)

We do not accept any returns of magazines at this time.

Please contact us for orders over 20 copies.

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